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Best Dentist in Studio City Ca.

At Universal City Dental Center, we care about your smile. That’s why we provide top-of-the-line dental care to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you live in the Studio City, Los Angeles or Toluca Lake, contact us to set up an appointment with Dr. Gasparian and his team of professionals. We offer a comprehensive list of services for every aspect of oral health.

Schedule dental exams and cleanings every six months to catch any tooth decay or gum disease—the sooner we catch it, the easier it is to treat. You’ll return home with greater confidence in your oral hygiene, as well as sparkling smile.

If you need fillings, count on us. We offer tooth-colored composite fillings that match the exact hue of your teeth. If you have distracting metal fillings now, we can replace them for you.

Do you long for a brighter smile? We use Rembrandt whitening treatments to perk up dull teeth and remove discoloration from food, beverages and smoke.  The procedure only lasts minutes, but results may extend for three years.

Although you may only think of teeth when it comes to oral health, gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is actually the leading cause of tooth loss. Healthy gums require a multi-pronged approach that includes professional cleaning, flossing and healthy lifestyle habits. We can remove plaque from beneath the gum line, and then council you on how to take care of your gums at home.

Are you embarrassed by crooked teeth? We can help with Invisalign, a clear, removable device that works like braces without any ugly metal or wires poking your mouth.

If you’re unhappy with broken or oddly formed teeth, we can beautify your mouth with dental bonding. During the bonding process, the dentist covers malformations with resin or plastic, resulting in a perfect, yet natural-looking mouth. In cases where teeth are severely damaged, such as after a root canal or serious break, we use porcelain crowns to cap the tooth, adding beauty as well as protection.

Our team is also skilled in oral surgery, and can remove difficult wisdom teeth, perform bone grafts and more without pain.

And if you’re considering dental implants to replace missing teeth, we’ve got you covered. We restore your bite with implants inserted into the gum for a natural look with minimal upkeep.

Whatever your dental needs, we will work with you to provide quality service and assure your comfort. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Our Los Angeles/Studio City Address: 3535 Cahuenga Boulevard #115 Los Angeles, CA 90068 | (323) 874-5855